Unbroken: Journaled Reflections of Recovery

Are you feeling alone and trapped in an eating disorder? Are you a concerned, yet perplexed, family member, friend, educator or pastor looking for an honest and raw perspective on eating disorders to help support someone through their recovery?

Take a walk alongside Troy Roness as he reveals his decade-long struggle with anorexia, including compulsive exercise and body dysmorphic disorder. Troy is not afraid to become real and raw and shares a few of the very dark periods in his life that transformed his path for the better and for the worse. 

He reveals vivid detail of past memories, traumas, illnesses, hurts, and mistakes that he wrestled with during his journey to wholeness. He helps the reader understand that being sick isn’t a choice – however, through his own story, Troy empowers the reader to make the decision to press on despite the many setbacks they may encounter during their own recovery journey. 

“Unbroken” is a deeply personal look at a Christian, former-anorexic man’s struggle with his sexuality and his own life, and the journey that led to his transformation to wholeness and understanding. The struggles, insights, and triumphs shared in “Unbroken” will inspire and encourage others to reflect and embark on their own personal recovery.

Troy currently resides in his home state of North Dakota, and teaches at Minot State University.

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